Deep in the Heart of Texas.

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Due to the various climates throughout our great state, Texas’ needs and uses for water make it unique. As the second most populous state in the country, our citizens require an ample amount of water — and that demand is continuously growing.

Facts About Texas Water

  • According to the Texas Water Development Board, the state’s demand for water is likely to increase by 27% by 2060 compared to its demand in 2000.
  • Groundwater accounts for 59% of the water used in Texas. We have nine major aquifers to supply most of our groundwater, but with the increase in agricultural irrigation needs, the water levels have been drastically declining.
  • Annual estimated water use in Texas totaled 16.2 million acre-feet in 2009, with about 57% used for irrigation. Total annual irrigation has remained steady, averaging approximately 9.5 million acre-feet since the late 1970s.
  • The source of most agricultural irrigation in the state is groundwater, accounting for 86% of the irrigated acres (in 2000). Surface water made up 11.6% and the remaining 2.4% used a mix of groundwater and surface water.